my psychic damage

power ratings of the

my “life of transgenders”

unrelated: gastrointestinal

dis-stress (related) my

relatives don’t call me my

name i don’t called them

as off then they’d like them

to be it’s a minor cruelties

song who are you song

i am disaster girlie i

am an unstable conc


wife laser concept

tion of emptinged room

ment my childhood again

“it was okay, despite”

no—thispite. “it was

okay, thispite” hold

trying find a face in:

random patter nshott thru

wiff a laser bringinging it

back to to round the com

pairtive angle-wish of

“of the horror of part


at all. something

something beauty

“hole verse thing

feels hopeless” type

image of the image

of a photo but

you can’t quite see

it (pause to think)

it being an it pronouch

child wanting itness

itness was all was a

lowed and…

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