Selections from “DONT’S” / by -Eva Andrea Bertoglio


Selections from “DONT’S


Engraved on marble at the grave of Christ— the world’s greatest

influencer. This living dead man devoted to memory even while

living; our power crushes us. Can you conceive an eternal mausoleum?

Christ speaks of blood, of a love which consumes every other love.

Do not read his word; influence is indirect. We are writing the world,

reading our lives. Spiritual darkness, once darkness, now light coupled

with fear. You have sinned. You are not God. You lose your sincerity.

The world will say: I am not interested in what you say because you carry

no weight. The greatest among you shall be selfish, an outcast, magnified

by death. The world put into motion certain things which vibrate. Directly

from untoward marriages were evil children, and on and on. A lifetime of

high living, our descendents should be unworthy, it will be our fault.

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