Review of ‘Feverfew’ by Anna Saunders

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

There are poets who have something profound to say and there are others poets who are highly accomplished in their art, expert technicians. Feverfew (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2021), Anna Saunders’ latest collection, shows she is one of that rare breed of writers who can do both and having read the collection several times I can say  I was truly left in awe at the quality of writing it displays.

Underpinning her work is a compassion and a belief in social justice. This is particularly evident in her political poems which convey her outrage and despair at a social and political structure that enables those in power to serve their own ends rather than the greater good. In The Wolf Speaks at the Tory Party Conference she writes: ‘Learn from us/seek out those you can overpower/break them down to that which your off-spring can digest.’ This typically visceral image of…

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