For my annual National Poetry Month ekphrastic challenge 2021 next month who would like to join artists artists John Law, and Alison Dunhill and poets Tim Fellows, Anne Arbuthnot, Jane Dougherty, Simon Salento and myself. Still plenty of room for more artists and writers.

Here is what some previous participants have said:

This challenge has changed my writing process in response to art. How I approach an artwork for inspiration. How I see art in relation to myself. It’s been a learning experience. From now on I’ll regularly immerse myself in a couple of art pieces and see what shows up!


The Challenge came firstly as a divine gift, opportunity to invoke the poetry muse, express praise of talented gifted 
international artists, to be part of world literary community. Amazing learning experience. Thank you Mr Paul.

-Anjum Wasim Dar

As a poet who writes at a leisurely pace and spends a long time polishing, the Ekphrastic Challenge has made me work hard and fast. It has been exciting, sometimes exhausting, and overall an immensely gratifying month. Highly recommended, thanks very much Paul!

-Hilary Otto

Groundbreaking. Thirtyfold increase in poetry output. Most enjoyable, ably assisted by having a drag and drop daily calendar.

-Gary Smith

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