Fevers of the Mind General Interview with Phil Vernon

Fevers of the Mind

) Please describe your latest book, what about your book will intrigue the readers the most, and what is the theme, mood? Or If you have a blog or project please describe the concept of your project, blog, website

Phil: My recent poetry collection is called Poetry After Auschwitz
.What I hope is interesting is that it addresses ‘difficult’ issues – violence, genocide, colonialism – but does so using largely formal poetic forms: for example sonnets, complex rhyming schemes. As such it explores Adorno’s famous challenge to artists that poetry – high culture – was no longer possible after the Nazi genocide, and that poets shared the guilt of society.

2) What frame of mind and ideas lead to you writing your current book?

Phil: The book is more a collection of poems, than a single project as such. But at its heart it contains a number of poems, including…

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