Review of ‘The Montefiore Bride’ by Patricia M. Osborne

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

Patricia M Osborne’s latest pamphlet, The Montefiore Bride, published by Hedgehog Press, is a fictional exploration of the relationship between the real life Sir Francis Montefiore and his bride, Lady Marianne. Using a combination of poetry and prose Osborne presents us with a portfolio of texts, rather like an historian or researcher, from which we piece together an understanding of this curious marriage which lasted only a year.

The prose pieces are written from two different perspectives: initially from Mr Brown, the longest serving tenant on the Montefiore estate, and subsequently from Lady Marianne. Through Brown we understand the pleasure and excitement that the marriage brings to the community on the estate. ‘White and blue bunting shimmers in the autumn sun’ and ‘Villagers grip red flags’ in anticipation of the happy couple’s arrival. For Brown this is more than a celebration of a marriage, however, it is about continuity…

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