2 Poems by KC Bailey from Fevers of the Mind Press Presents the Poets of 2020 The Fog Surrounds Me & Do the Trees Sway or Do I?

Fevers of the Mind

The Fog Surrounds Me

The voices echo                 and repeat

become static blurs and sliding


vision. From nowhere

gloved hands muffle senses


people stand behind bulletproof glass –

fists pound, faces frown


wide-mouthed protests. I don’t hear them;

I am half


gone, they are almost memories –

false figments


trying to keep me conscious

as I sink beneath sensation


to the quickening pulse



shift of sight, fracture night-light

flashes of searing white


behind the lids

at the back of the eyes

the out of tune orchestra

wraps around the neocortex


blue roots shock the sky

split the dark


gravelled roofs roll with rumbling fury

and worlds fold


Do the Trees Sway, or Do I?

My mind is everywhere

and nowhere

                              lost and wandering –


absent searches

                  for old friends


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