For Mr Paul Brookes January Ekphrastic Challenge ~ 2nd February 2021 ~ Day Two ~ In Response to Marcel Herms,Christine O Conner,Kerfe Roig.


In Response to Marcel Herms

Toenaderingspoging, mixed media on cardboard, 14,5 x 17,1 cm, 2020 MHFeb2

They came to see the girl , they had to choose, and then she was chosen
all the time the boy and the boys mother,sat looking at her,she was frozen

wonder what they had in mind, what they expected, what they saw in reality,
her fair color, smoothness of skin, length of hair and body, style of femininity

the tea trolley had felt heavy as she pushed it in the living room, steps heavy
on the carpeted floor, eyelids dropping with sleep, she glimpsed a fat belly

wondered whose was it in the family chosen for her, for future life and living
‘tea has a good taste, did you make it ? a croaky voice sounded tight n chilling

she dared not raise her eyes, she was not supposed to typical Eastern attitude
of shyness, maturity, submissiveness, obedience, acceptance,service n servitude

she was relieved when…

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