For Mr.Paul Brookes ~1st February 2021 ~Special Ekphrastic Challenge ~Day Twenty Six ~In Response to Kerfe Roig, Christine O’Conner and Marcel Herms’s Artwork.


Christine O Conner

In Response to Christine O Conner

this door is too small,
but am I too tall or
big or big minded,
what is that? a key? will
it open the door for me?

there is only One
who has a key to every lock
in every door,and a lock
for every key..

like an inner eye there is
an inner door, rising high
when pure it is elegant
when patient,shadow less
Shadowless in the sun?
stranger still in constant revolution…

what great doors are these?
The Door of the Night
Faery and Elf Doors
Forbidden Doors and more
Ali Baba’s Door,

no more no more
how much, how many keys more
I need, of kindness charity forgiveness_
will I be able to clean the dark mess
no ‘eat me’ ‘drink me’ will work but only
no Hercules Nor Ulysses nor Poseidon
No Icarus will carry high …

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