For Mr Paul Brookes January Ekphrastic Challenge ~ Day Twenty Five, In Response to Marcel Herms, Christine O ‘Conner, Kerfe Roig


Sin King (sinking), mixed media on paper, 30,3 x 21,1 cm, 2021 MH31

Marcel Herms “Sin King Sinking”

why the ship seems heavy
a suspicion of a skink on board
“Get the pink mink”
“think , wink, swink”

let the snow blink
I am King, Poseidon cannot harm me
nor Aolus from the sky’s brink

In Response to Christine O’Conner

Ye Kya Tamashamere aage , serve me not wine, nor
show me the bejeweled dagger, blood enough, I have seen
cold as it is in the cellared ewer,
bring me an extinguisher better
roses tulips and jasmine burn within, my love for my land
hotter,grows moment by moment
Ye kya Tamasha mere aage ho raha hai,
meri zameen bik rahi hai
Ghalib ne sahi kaha zameen se zameer tak
sab bik raha hai.

Mirza Ghalib was right when he said”All is being sold
land and loyalty”.

the strange KR31
Kerfe Roig “The Strange”

In Response to Kerfe Roig

Thou strange still undiscovered fathoms deep,

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