Anthony Howell: New England and the Maritimes

The High Window

Anthony Howell is a poet and novelist whose first collection of poems, Inside the Castle was brought out in 1969. In 1986 his novel In the Company of Others was published by Marion Boyars. He was invited to the International Writers Program, University of Iowa in 1971. His Selected Poems came out from Anvil, and his Analysis of Performance Art is published by Routledge. In 1997 he was short-listed for a Paul Hamlyn Award. His versions of the Silvae of Statius have been well received and Plague Lands, versions of Iraqi poet Fawzi Karim, were a Poetry Book Society Recommendation for 2011. The Step is the Foot – his analysis of the relationship of dance to poetry – is published by Grey Suit Editions. He is a Hawthornden fellow and has recorded poems for The Poetry Archive. His two most recent booksof poems are From Inside and Songs of…

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