Coin – A Terzetto

The world according to RedCat

Kerfe Roig – Intermediary

Breath freezes to ice
Burn scolding for every vice

Breath awakens buds bloom
Quickening soul seed in womb

Breath follow it’s way to grow
Learn life’s ebb and flow

Sight piercing dark arrow
Judging down to bone and marrow

Sight perceiving all pain
Healing without assigning blame

Sight without judging and blame
There’s no stigma or shame

Voice lashing all pray
Tender dreams slay

Voice stroking tears away
Loving confers every day

Voice chiming clear
Grateful for everything dear

Heart full of trembling fear
Nothing get touching near

Heart full of caring love
Nesting as a safe dove

Heart full of compassion
Guide you to find your passion

Kunning beyond time and space
Trauma mind and heart forever chase

Kunning beyond time and space
Ascending to glowing grace

Kunning beyond time and space
Transforming old trauma to creativity’s birthplace

Wisdom to turn a mind dark

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