Fog of War – January Ekphrastic Challenge, January 9

The world according to RedCat

Kerfe Roig – Arrayed

Wandering the fog of war
Night’s pitch, no moon or guiding star
Reality faint outlines in another dimension
Stumbling around, life in suspension

Got turned around in the trenches
Flashbacks the walls wrenches
The ground, mud mixed with blood
Torrential grief, fields flood

Dove down a foxhole
As dark demons walked their patrol
Wax in ears, not to hear the sound
Of sweet talking hellhounds

Dug a fortified position
Where to craft mental munitions
In the battle of mind
Never look back at what’s stalking behind


Marcel Herms – Don’t Look Back

Today’s the third day of the Ekphrastic Challenge hosted by the Paul at The Wombwell Rainbow. To read all poetry for today, head over there!

Today is also the first time I’ve written to all three art pieces.

Yesterday someone asked about my process in this. It’s much like any other prompt…

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