Kingdom of Karmic Weaving Fates – January Ekphrastic Challenge, January 8

The world according to RedCat

Marcel Herms – Der Tod ist ein Dandy auf einem Pferd
(Death is a Dandy on a Horse)

Now, now! Dear soul!
I’ve done this countless times before.
I move between and between.
It wouldn’t do to be forever seen.
I divert with the screech of an owl.
Even though, I pity souls killed by neglect and foul.
I don’t recommend staying as a ghost.
Even though together you would be a mighty host.
Now! Peek beneath my cowl!
Look into the void, and honk like a lost wildfowl.
My eyes are the portals.
Transporting all Bardo states mortals.
Handing you off at the gates.
Of the Kingdom of karmic weaving fates.


This is the second day of the January Ekphrastic Challenge. To see all artwork and read all poetry go to,
My poem today is inspired by Marcel Herms – Der Tod ist ein…

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