Approaching Solstice by Margaret RoyallApproaching Winter Solstice by Margaret Royall

-Photo of her silk painting and poem by Margaret Royall


Shamans tales
worn smooth and sweet
by the telling years.

Before gnostic midwinter,
as Jupiter and Saturn
nearly kissed.
The oral lore spoke
of this shy love.

Huddled deep within,
our dwellings to welcome
the ghosts of sleep.

In times of fire,
leather and wool
The evergreen
holly guards our door
Sweet pine promises
a fecund return.

For we will be here
when spring is restored,
to see the baby lambs
jumping for joy
in our green fields.

© Dai Fry 21st December 2020

December Lake Manvers

#WinterSolstice and #jupiterandsaturnconjunction #Greatconjunction artwork and writing challenge. Have you made artworks about either of these events? Have you written unpublished/published about either of these events? Please DM me, or tweet me so I can DM you, or message me via my WordPress site.

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