Day 12: They fade away

Sarah writes poems

They fade away, twirling with a thousand leaves
down the lane
as I allow my eyes to rest for a moment,
feeling the ambience of the street,
hearing the sounds, all the while, maintaining silence
and letting myself be—
the autumn breeze and scarlet leaf come together
to choreograph the new season,
of mists and beats of fellow compatriots
in praising the Lord, and all that He has created,
I am kneeling
as drops of black ink billowing into the water are witnessed
by starlings,
they fade away knowing light is dominant,
feelings of despair, dolor, unease, languor that claw in the darkness;
I breathe,
for soon every bough will be brown and the colours they brought
will dim in fading memory,
believe this is not the end, but just the beginning.

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