Day 8: Earth Turns

Sarah writes poems

Earth turns into moontime,
as the sun slips in cold flames
beneath the rim of the hills,
and cold creeps, furring grasses
with glitter fallen from the stars.

Earth turns into the dark,
deer bark, and their dainty hooves
leave grooves in the mud before the frost
crisps layers, millefeuilles,
of last year’s growth
that cinder toffee-crunch.

But I remember sun through open windows,
the flick of lizards’ tails over sleepy sills,
crickets droning in the drying stalks
and the glorious golden swell
of blackbird’s summer song.

This poem is by Jane Dougherty, who blogs at Jane was a massive inspiration and support to me when I started blogging my poems, and is still one of my favourite poets. She has written a number of young adult fantasy books, and her poetry collection – Thicker than Water is available here:

Link .com
Link Australia

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