How was November’s Special Ekphrastic Challenge 2020 for you? The writers who took up the challenge write with clarity and feeling about their experience.

I’m naturally drawn to anything relating to art, so this challenge was a no-brainer for me. It’s helped me find ways of describing themes I didn’t think I’d be able to address. Together with other challenges I’ve taken on this year, it has given me more confidence in my creative goals.

-Lydia Wist

Diving into beautiful images to see what floats or splashes up.

-Holly York

Usually I work from words already rolling around in my head, this was more akin to feeling my way through dark water with a stick. The challenge has been a great adventure, with much inspiration. Seeing how different responses are has been a joy.

-Peach Delphine

If I’m honest it has been really difficult. Both in finding the time and the inspiration. I struggled to connect with many of the images and I now realise I’m not very good at writing on demand.

That said Paul, it was good to try it and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it. And I’ve some drafts to work on that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Thanks for all you do for me and the wider artistic community!

-Gaynor Kane


i spend thirty days writing
one eye closed, storm building.
you never know what goes on
behind the scenes.
there are pictures each day
some seem similar
some seem a memory now.
a daily challenge


The challenge has been different this time. Same issue how to write an original poem every day for a month. My solution to let ideas flow uncensored. The result: I discovered humour in these little stories. Different and more spontaneous. Plus as usual a great sense of community.

-Dai Fry

The images, especially the Marcel Herms have often been unsettling, dug into the disturbing places I don’t usually like to go. Terry Chipp’s sometimes mysterious images has allowed for a change of register. It’s been a demanding and fruitful experience altogether.

-Jane Dougherty

Challenges exist to surmount, but also as learning experiences. What I enjoy most about being asked to work from other people’s prompts is the element of surprise, and what my mind imagines from such stimulus. It’s a great opportunity to also discover and expand your abilities.

-Sarah Reeson

Thank you for organizing the ekphrastic challenge and publishing my work. I surprised myself, being able to produce a poem each day. It was a joyful, enriching experience and an honor to appear in your beautiful Wombwell Rainbow alongside such talented artists and poets.

I’m grateful to Paul & participating artists & poets for inspiring me out of a writing slump. I was struck by how often we mirrored each other, like Matisse & Picasso painting uncannily similar subjects despite being separated by geography & war. I’ve loved the collective energy!

-Gayle J Greenlea

And How Did The Artist’s Feel About The Response To Their Work

I was very honored and pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful poetry my work gave rise to.

-Marcel Herms

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