Eat the Storms – The Podcast – Episode 10

eat the Storms

Podcast available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker and many more platforms

This episode aired on 07th November 2020 and I was joined by poets Eileen Carney Hulme, Karen Mooney, David L O’Nan and Liam Porter. The links to their websites, blogs or Twitter pages are all listed below…

Eileen Carney Hulme is on Twitter at @strokingtheair and her collections include The space between the Rain and Stroking the Air….

Karen Mooney is on Twitter at @1karenmooney and can also be found at @LisburnReads and @northernvisions. Her collection Penned In is available at The Hedgehog Poetry Press…

David L O’Nan is on Twitter at @DavidLONan1. His upcoming collection will be called New Disease Streets and you can find him also at @feversof and also on Fevers of the Mind Poetry here…

Find him on Amazon here…

Fevers of the Mind Submission Call from David… I…

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