One Who Wears Darkness as Cloth by Sanni Omodolapo

IceFloe Press

One who wears darkness as cloth

mother is fishing for light in the murky waters of her

body she plucks stars from the sky & hides them

behind her eyes, slices part of the moon &keeps it

under her threadbare wrapper. even if she does have

light,shemustn’t show it because father is

photophobic, verysensitivetolight,&she is

unworthy- lightisforhumans,sheisnot one.

mother is a owl in the night that is her life, lone &

tired.look, in father’s eyes, every time his hand

raises to weave her body into a basket full of dead

things what lies there, feral, isan expectation, an

eagernesstouncover hidden things shrouded in light,

paradoxical in nature. happiness is sour on mother’s

palate &peace is the foreign subject of a cold, distant

god,&speaking the language of love is a trick her

tongue has not mastered,yet others wonder why she

hates sugar & watermelons.see, mother is a strange

woman: her body…

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