#FungiOfTheWorldWeekend poetry and artwork challenge. Have you written published/unpublished about mushrooms? Have you made mushroom artworks? Please DM me or send a message via my WordPress site. All submissions will be posted.

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=Ali Jones

Sarah Males mushroom

-Sarah Males

Another mushroom

-Geertje Geertsma


if we must have fairy circles
give them peals of wedding bells
wedding mushrooms wedding
vows oaths explanatory phrases
& they don’t promise marriage
from an old maple
you don’t care close you
are so mad at the rain in the lake
enough w/feelings enough
circles of greyish day
how about that how
about crying rings
as a sign of commitment
circles of hollow
on the ocean walk
how about too much before
over & over
the same kind of what happens
give me a hidden tree umbrellaed
& I’ll see the allergies
in a forest of fairy circles
if it still feels if
it still smells sweet
what about circles

=Connie Bacchus (first published in Silver Pinion Dec. 8, 2019)

Quiet Life

The man next door
Woos me with fungi.
We are of certain ages,
Uncertain of tomorrow.
A quiet man.
He carries a basket
Pleasantly full of fungi
He’s gently plucked
From the quiet forests,
Where quiet men go.
One day he may ask me,
Come go there with me;
And I’ll go, if he asks me,
I’ll go, to watch him look.

-Elizabeth Moura


-Paul Brookes

5. The Mushroom

sits on a caterpillar
behind Alice’s eyes

> The mushroom engrossed
in its mobile phone,

Alice says to it: “How are you?”
“I love change too much.
Change isn’t quick enough,”
Says the mushroom.
“This Caterpillar should have pupated and flown.”

“Why?” Asks Alice.

“I’m not sure. You and I should be wrinklies.
You a middle aged woman,
and I mulch for something
creative and growing.

Time is too slack. Should
buck its ideas up. If you see
it about give what it for from me.”

And Alice tries but can get
no more from mobiled mushroom.

-Paul Brookes (From my reverse take on a classic I call “The Wonderland In Alice”)

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