November Ekphrastic Challenge: Day 8

Jane Dougherty Writes

This is my contribution to Paul Brookes’ November challenge. The painting I chose is another Marcel Herms Charon. I forgot to send it in yesterday so it might not be up yet. Please read the other contributions though, they are always inspired.

MH8 Charon, mixed media on paper, 22,4 x 30,6 cm, 2020


There is no getting away from it,
the end, no escape;
the dark river beckons that leads to a darker sea.
There is no escape when the time comes,
but does the order have to be so cold?

They accepted, antique minds formed in the military mould,
minds that understood only obedience
and the swift implacable justice of the stars.
But we, I?

Who is this messenger who will not even show his face,
whose the silent barque that slips through oiled waters
with only one destination, no sight-seeing along the way?

I will not pay to have the journey made easy.
I will not take the…

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