The Salamander Chronicles - Don Beukes Marsh Africa Coetzee

Cover Art © Jay Chakravarti

Guest Editor : Scott Thomas Outlar

Dream Nation

The Red Kite – Somewhere in a battered war zone
a young boy barely ten years old spots a strange sight
of a red kite against a bright coral sky, not bothered
where it came from as long as it colours in his bleak
life after daily salvos of bullets delivering his unwanted
symphony of cream screams – Masked by deep base
explosions riding to a falsetto of repetitive high-pitched
aerial gifts of new experimental chemical bombs designed
to delete deplete and destroy everything he has ever
known – Everyone he has ever loved, left with the daily
taste of dust sprinkled with ashes of what was before –
Nearly blinded by yet another early evening menu of bright
deadly showers of heat-seeking missiles, that young
boy started running from his burning safe haven, yearning
to reach…

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