Two Poems by Sage Ravenwood

IceFloe Press

Blood Boils a Family Whole

We can’t see the weight of festering want
Just out of reachWe taste
Darkness on lips tar sealed honey stung
How do you hate/love
With a rope burned heart

Familial brother/sisterhood abandoned

ethnicity scorched belonging
When a parent dies Is it relief or grief
What remains from distilled pain
Hallelujah praise the distance between
mothers and daughters who refuse
to be saved in your God’s name
Someday the call will come
Rib-caged shackled lungs screaming
Emancipation tongues bit clean through
sharpened on inescapable jagged truths
Can you see in your mind’s eye
The cost to belong Blood boils a family whole
Dodadagohvi – we will see each other again
Standing among hellfire’s burnt religion
May your savior have mercy on your soul
Mine savors death with all my relations
Walking behind me comfort me not

Mother Monster

Mother’s Day is jagged and sharp edged,

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