“Bloody Amazing” 123 taboo smashing poems…its about bleeding time

Bloody Amazing front cover


From their Website “Bloody amazing is what you are! You have back ache, front ache, headache, you’re weary and teary as hell, and still you go on. Pass exams, gleam at jobs, raise kids. All too bloody likely accidentally colluding in a taboo that says you shouldn’t talk about your periods or your menopause because you’re a nice girl. Woman. Heroine. Except, excuse me, we’re half the world, us women, more, and we’ve nothing to taboo about. And this anthology is the place to shout, yell, rant, rave, laugh -like drains – and cry. Why? Because if we wanna change the world we need to speak the unspoken. The manipulation by our cultures, their vultures and the sodding ad industry. The tax men. An anthology then. Of @ 123 poems because stack the weeks end to end, and that’s roughly how many months the average woman bleeds in her life. As if there was an average woman…

Highly Recommended.

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