#WorldMentalHealthDay poetry and artwork challenge. Have you written unpublished/published work about Mental Health, yours or someone elses. Have you made artworks about it? Please submit by DM or send me a message via my WordPress site. All submissions will be published.

Sadness by Neal ZetterMy Friend Tummy Ache by Neal Zetter10 Things I Hate About Winter by Neal Zetter

-Neal Zetter


Is it ok sir to not wear a mask I just get sweaty wearing it its the cloth bit can’t get on with get sweaty and claustrophobic it is it ok sir?

He asks whilst I am telling my other customer at the till

the cost is of her goods.

She pays and I wish her a grand day and stay safe.

Please put these through, sir I didn’t sleep last night insomniac and bipolar are you putting these through I like it here food is cheap it is ok without my mask i live on my own poky little flat can’t cope living on my own you shouldn’t live on you own should you sir have to buy my own groceries sir it so cheap all this can I have another bag sir that is alright sir isn’t it stuff is so cheap here do you like shopping here sorry so slow will speed up how much is it might not have enough not good not having enough thankyou to you sir thankyou.

What is he on? Asks the next customer.

-Paul Brookes

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