Summer—prose poem with frogs

#ReptilesAndAmphibiansWeekend poems and artwork by Michael Dickel. This excellent work needs a post by itself.

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

Summer, a poem by Michael Dickel Summer
poem & digital art ©2015 Michael Dickel


Frog by dripping water Photo ©2015 Michael Dickel Frog by dripping water
Photo ©2015 Michael Dickel

Summer prattles on like a chorus of croaking frogs about all of its deep pleasures with open desire, while winter indulgently listens, knowing the strength of her own secrets. Parties all unfold this way. Spring tries to enchant, while fall quietly stands by, his eyes glinting with nostalgia that no one quite understands. So, my lovely pond, what more do you offer on this hot, July day? A few minnows skim the underside of the surface in a tangle of protective growth. The bits of daydream we’ve left behind, these minnows know that the sky could drown them. So, the Hebrew for sky means the waters. And water means life, especially in the desert and around its margins. To find the center of heat, the driest spot, the place where even a lizard…

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