Fish-Life, Crab-Life, Whale-Life, Turtle-Life, what do you see? Share what you love about the sea using #NationalMarineWeek 25th July- 9th August, more like two weeks poetry and artwork challenge I’d love to hear all about your favourite marine wildlife, the actions you take to help our sea life, and what the sea means to you. First Seven Days: Saturday: Seawatch, Sunday: Rock-pools, Monday: Seabirds And Seals, Tuesday: The Strandline, Wednesday: Sand Dunes And Salt-Marshes, Thursday: Fish-Life, Friday: What Marine Life Does For Us. Please submit your poems and artwork by DM to me, or send a message via my WordPress “The Wombwell Rainbow” contact screen or my FB “Paul Brookes-Writer and Photographer”. Today: Thursday: Fish-Life, Crab-Life,Whale-Life, Turtle-Life.







-Marcy Erb (Artwork she says was inspired by my project. I am honoured.)

Neal Zetter Orange Octopus

-Neal Zetter

The Tench

The only remarkable thing I can say that’s concerning the tench
It doesn’t waste time writing poems of me while it sits on a bench

-Al Barz

Sea Fish

-Rachael Ikins

She says of it:

The cowfish is…an acrylic, mixed media painting. This is a poisonous ocean fish. I like painting faces and eyes in particular and this guy just looks like hebis swimming straight at you to see what’s going on. The cowfish title is “Does This Color Make Me Look Fat?” Is quite large bigger than 16” x 20”. The original is available as are prints if something grabs someone’s fancy. People can direct message me on my arts page Ask the Girl Arts on FaceBook.


Welcome, silver swimmer,
leaper of rocks and sills,
darer of foam and roar,
glittering life-giver.

Offer to our hooks and reels
your own bright self.

We mark your coming,
first of the shoals,
sign of our thriving,
fattener of gaunt bodies,
saviour of fading children.

We will dress you with eagle feathers,
lay to rest on red cedar bark,
sever your head with the best mussel shell,
boil a new kettle,
place you in fresh water.

Your gracious gift is honoured,
not a morsel wasted.

Fly higher, flashing river bird,
fins whirr like wings,
tail lash in joy.
We will win freedom together,
you from the bonds of flesh,
we from our mortal hunger.

Go home, swimmer friend,
now you have met our elders.
Tell your brethren they are always welcome

-Kathryn Southworth

She Says “. It opens my Indigo Dreams collection ‘Someone was here’. ”


the title got me thinking

we had comics on tuesdays and thursdays
from the middle shop up the hill

sometimes there was a whale
in the story with a picture

round grey with a fountain in it’s head
it’s tail akimbo later

i learned that they don’t look like that
really .

he said

real stars do not have points .

i guess i shall never see a whale
though some bones are over the door
in mallwyd church porch

up the road


Journey Home

Mother-moon pulls me east.
Fat silver face, 13 days into
trembling month on the lip
of summer.

I feel my roots,
in my gut, do not try to resist. I am
a small crab who scuttles 25 miles,
beach sand, leave

poetry threads,
necklace strands,
claw marks
with my sisters.

Almost six decades
ago I floated, plankton
until sea tossed me
onto land.

When wind and waves rise
I cling to a rock. There are bugs,
rotting minnows and
seaweeds to sort.

In the moonlight
we savor. We grip,
burrow, lose a claw
to a predator. Yet,

my sisters are my home,
25 miles in one night
following the beckoning silver fingers of Mother-moon.

-Rachael Ikins

ChristinaChin_kelp_Wombwell Rainbow

open sea
a clam shuts tighter
in the pebbles

~ Christina Chin

running tide
in the rock pool
foraging sea bass

~ Christina Chin

Two Tied

fishtails. Mam and me,
Swim away from his slaughter

offriends and neighbours,
fall of Ash and mortar,

Taste of burning skin.
Not sure who me father is,

As me mam goes with owt
in trousers. Her first names

Promiscuous but folk, ‘specially men
call her Promise. She calls me Lust.

Me Dad could be Chaos or War.
Me mam’s been with both.

We’ve scarpered from Destruction
who clamours atta end on us all.

Mam and me lept into watta,
as fish tied together wi ship rope

So as we can’t drift apart,
tho ad be glad if we could

as ad like a life a me own
not chained to her,

and how can I tell her
am getting younger by the day.

Soon al be a bairn with a bow and arra
and tiny wings shooting me

Arras off not bothered who they hit,
an consequences of giving folk

bits of mesen, so their bodies hanker
like me mam after owt with a pulse.

-Paul Brookes

(From my as yet unpublished collaboration with Iranian artist Hiva Moazed: Kosshali)


_Rachael Ikins

She Says: This is pen and ink with colored pencil. Title is “Weee!!” A baby sea turtle.

It is an art trading card available as well.

CoralSea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Both by Rachael Ikins

Feeling, Ironic

Solemnly seeking
A place for life,
The peace of warm waters –
Do you feel?
Or, is that a curse
For what we call

Violently seeking
To restore – What? Order?
With tear gas, and oppression.
Do you feel?
Or is that a gift
For the greater
Animal kingdom?


Links And Bios

-Al Barz

A performance poet and event organiser who’s been around the block many years, Al Barz now resides in a semi-rural West Midland alcove. Responsible for Spoke in the Lamp event, and SpokeScreen during lockdown, Al keeps popping up at pubs, theatres, cafes, festivals when a slot
appears, adding to his many semi-rural alcoves within high-heeled media platforms.

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