Rockpools, what do you see? Share what you love about the sea using #NationalMarineWeek 25th July- 9th August, more like two weeks poetry and artwork challenge I’d love to hear all about your favourite marine wildlife, the actions you take to help our sea life, and what the sea means to you. Furst Seven Days: Saturday: Seawatch, Sunday: Rock-pools, Monday: Seabirds And Seals, Tuesday: The Strandline, Wednesday: Sand Dunes And Salt-Marshes, Thursday: Fish-Life, Friday: What Marine Life Does For Us. Please submit your poems and artwork by DM to me, or send a message via my WordPress “The Wombwell Rainbow” contact screen or my FB “Paul Brookes-Writer and Photographer”. Today: Sunday. What can you see in a rockpool? How would you describe it? Rockpools what do you see?

Beadlet Amenome RachelRockpool Rachel

Images from Wki Commons

Beadlet Anemone

A sea does not journey without obstacle,
it divides and foams across stone,
a slave to tides, it swirls, waves
over the living and dead it carries –
all passengers, all hungry for something
as it gasps the friction of their stories
upon shingle or sand. Or here,
meeting land, it casts itself onto rocks,
blasts new water into the worlds
of the cut-off, the alienated,
those adapted to ravage:
beadlet anemones worn by pools
as if they were bloody wounds
that exposed their suffering, and toxic,
lashing out whips of survival
where life involves many forms of fighting.

Rachel Deering


Rockpool image by Paul Brookes

Her Rockpool

eyes shiver as you approach,
careful her anenomes sting,

her hermit crab quick retreat,
here is movement in the sand.

-Paul Brookes

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