..day 110..

sonja benskin mesher


yes. when i go visit, go further i shall stop counting

in wales it is hoped that this may be so
that we may visit one other household
be part of that .even stay over

the day is yet to arrive

i enjoyed my garbage run james
we call it recycling and very well

another trip out that left me buzzing

things can change
and if they do

the counting stops then

the laptop is in disarray
so I tap here neatly by phone

it feels neat and particular
With little noises to accompany

and more help with the spelling

it gives me capitals so I change them quickly 

I wonder if I will visit tregaron this fall
go to lampeter to see if the walnut tree
has anything for me

betwixt the mobile and laptop
things come awry and we leave it so

the random nature…

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