..day 108..

sonja benskin mesher

.day 108.

our thinking changes over time
doesn’t it?

these quiet times of isolation have
affected some
and they become startled at what is
still going on outside

with words and maybe misunderstanding

if there is a question
we  can research it to allow things to grow

they certainly will this weather
so much rain that i remain inside
this morning

no early walk have been soaked twice
right through

hence comes the changes

i photograph at the window
yet you cannot feel the wet
from the image
nor feel the wind
for wind there is this time

perhaps the poet had done his job
for you james
and set you on your path?

you can think of him on your bicycle
his words & patterns
the flow of ideas
& this will remain forever with you

things stay here and sadly it all reappeared
while walking like a…

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