Two Excerpts from 5 Stages of Grief – A Work For Theatre by Lizzie Olesker

IceFloe Press


Me 50’s playwright
Leah 50’s white, daughter
Jess / Svetlana 40’s white, neighbor and Russian Aide
Bev 50’s African-American, Home Care Aide
Judith 90’s white, client
Mom 80’s, real

For Elaine, brightest star.


We are in a place between.

A stage – a frame- inside of which we’re making this play.

This space is Judith’s apartment. It’s also Beverly’s workplace- a place of hidden labor. A domestic space signified by a few elements: a bed, a lamp, a tray, maybe a chair, which Beverly moves on and off the stage. Things might stand in for other things- a glass of water might provide sounds of a bath where Beverly cleans Judith; the lamp becomes the moon outside Judith’s apartment window. Later, the space becomes a snowy street in the Bronx- a place between those who are here and those who are gone, between what’s real and what we…

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