.day 56.

sonja benskin mesher

..day 56..

james tell me more for i am interested
especially the lines

the sun is not true light
and the dead are not dead

as you know i am a realist
yet in some moments i
see things too

spinning trees

once i felt i saw him walk in the room
my mother saw him too

or were we dreaming
the need inventing

please tell me more

while here it is grey
hopefully the lanes will
be quiet. for after writing
to you
i walk an hour

our allotted time
hopefully we may
get extra
for some evenings
i feel the need to
walk again

i thought maybe if the bottom hedge
were cut severely lower i can keep it
tidy myself
i am too short to reach the top

then i thought harder
and found my dungarees i bought from
the surplus over 30 years ago


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