..day 40..

sonja benskin mesher

.day 40..

i hear them say that it is the solitude of lockdown
that brings these words

perhaps they are right
who knows really

there is that word again
even on my shopping card

a sticker so that i recognise that
it is not the other one though the

accounts merge into one these days

she takes it when she goes shopping
on tuesdays in the little coin purse
with the bow

it is that detail or dots which attracts me

she needed a more precise description than


so i explained that not being fussy hot cross ones
teacakes or plain  will be nice
and she got extra large
some beans and tinned

left in a bag
in the shade

with the receipt
tucked neatly

you see james how deep the thoughts this
said sarcastically
with careful spelling

i am still drawing joan now with summer…

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