Al Asi: The Disobedient -A Poem by Dua Al Bostani Al Fattohi

IceFloe Press

Al Asi: The Disobedient


How much does it take the City
to realize her river can’t be
her accessory?

How much does it take her
to know that He can’t be blamed
for the boat,

for the Fisher King,
for the thigh wound?

How much does it take the City
to believe the Fisher’s fishing
has nothing to do with her

Stop spitting on my banks
every time the rain falls
to make you more barren
every time the raindrops
start tickling my aqua body.
Stop blaming the clouds for
not talking the sun into
coming out.
She won’t come.

The Orontes goes on.


Women would walk to the river
long ago covered in black
head to toe. They would

throw in him much of their
femininity not revealed to
the City’s men.

They would confide in him
their henna-dyed locks
their placentas after each birth.

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