..day 39..

sonja benskin mesher

.yes it is day 39.

whatever that feels when each day is taken
at a time. each task taken in order only there
is no order
no more

we find our own routines
our tasks for each day given

i heard the cuckoo yesterday
and swallows are up on the

have i mentioned that already

in the garden white blue bells
amongst the blue blue bells

while cowslips reappear early
this year

tread carefully my dears

it is hard in the narrow lane
to distance and we edged
back into the nettles no
explaination the new normal

i will like to make a bench
yet have no plank around

so i made signs for the house
for the delivery men who cannot
find me

i have ordered buns and he
need to know what sort he said

i explained any buns will do
a treat
i am not…

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