..day 34..

sonja benskin mesher

.day 34.

on looking at todays work
i see the spots are appearing
when sprayed
with cosmetic fixative
glow pink

yesterday i picked ivy from the wall
of the outbuilding. i do a little each
so my fingers
dont bleed

this is satisfactory
pleases me and

moves the work into a new area
the doors are painted badly now
in tune with music
from the films in
tune with the times

yes money gets tight here
so some shops & charities
give food
and other sundries

today i plan to walk ,to clean
the outside lav and maybe
you will have to google that
as i had to google your noodles


the drawings have come stiff again
with all this time we have at home
so i need to move them into a place
of loose adjustment
of random offerings
and sketchy lines

with face masks

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