..day 24..

sonja benskin mesher

.day 24.

there has been a threat
with keeping us from

outdoor exercise
for us
to stay in our homes
gardens if folk do not comply
and continue to race about
on motor bikes and have barbecues

my initial reaction is dismay
yet if it keeps the thing at bay
will obey
and maybe do what others done
within my space

did you read the man who scaled
the size of everest on his stairs up
and down did not count

the lady ran a marathon in the garden

yesterday i find that banana split toffee
is still for sale
so it may be a treat from the internet


things change, only official transport is available
until things change then
it is best to drive yourself

it is an essential trip

the hedge is cut as much as i am able
next will be the ivy for…

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