oxford, ohio and Nice Rejection Letter – Two Works by Ava Hofmann

IceFloe Press

oxford, ohio

oxford, ohio was an installation poem i set up in the summer of 2019 in boulder,
Colorado (1). the project consisted of paper sheets glued onto a cloth canvas which was then taped onto a parking spot on an asphalt lot. during the 3 or 4 days in which it stood, oxford, ohio was driven upon, parked upon, and was generally overlooked or ignored; it also experienced some short periods of being experienced as an artwork.

this was, of course, the intent: i wanted to create a work which was intervening in public space but which was also being destroyed by that public environment in ways which were reflective of modern and historical systems of destruction: capitalist land property “development”, the prioritizing of public spaces around the community- and environment-destroying private cult of the automobile over the more equitable creation of bus and rail services, and, first and…

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