..day 15..

sonja benskin mesher

starts the day much like any other
spring time, unless you hear the news

now rationed to once or twice a day
with tea or knitting

just now am up to light the garden
fire before the neighbours rise as

we don’t wish to annoy no one with
leafy smoke

have thoughts of fumigation down there
still in my pyjamas for i don’t see the point
of wearing something clean for such a smelly


two geese fly over
slight formation

wood pecker in our lane
rattling if that is the word

the air is cold clean before the smoke
hits then quickly dispersed gefore the waking

i imagine one day will stay in bed late
with nothing to worry yet i have had that


or even several times

now enjoy the early days the changes
and hope for the best

folks are kind
those i hardly now

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