Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/09/20

Cajun Mutt Press

Fragmented #6

That there was a yesterday
with a river of hours. Invitation.
A binding of light. Shadows
of wind, passing like landslides.
Fragrant, dark, frozen. There was
a compass, like a tiny satellite,
spinning. Fascinating. Far-off
distance. Promising. Festive.
There was still a yesterday. Light
saw through us. Thirsty nights
touching cool heat. Bold, tasty,
lingering. A valley. A forest. Filled
with rain. Pure features. Dazzling.
Because we were. Because we grew.
Changed. Because we are. Parched
and hungry. My mind, or something
like my mind. Belongs to both of
us. Undistracted by distraction.
A marvelous design. Currents
of things to live by. Of things
to die by. Of sour sadness, like
a landfall in the sky, in the bed,
in the glance of a passing eye. Yes
-terday all my troubles were not
far away. You are inside my mind:
a painful obsession, like violence
that obliterates lifeā€¦

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