The Encyclopedia of Obscure Sorrows

Excellent Lorette.

Eunoia Review

after John Koenig

after The Dead Toreador, Édouard Manet, 1864

  1. All the art in Seville is making our eyes bleed. We cannot bear the beauty of another palacio of a million mosaics, or the clatter of one more café. We follow the swans around the bend, under a bundle of low leaves, into the soundless grove. I’ve told you already to go off and find yourself a young woman, someone who could keep up in this heat, but you were too busy fiddling with your camera battery to assuage my neuroses.
  2. If I was afraid to come here with you, it’s only because I was afraid of what I might lose.
  3. There is an old woman in flowing purple and red scarves, armloads of bangles, and sensible shoes. I do a double take, thinking for a strange second that I was passing some kind of mirror.
  4. When I turn…

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