Five Poems by Steve Denehan

IceFloe Press

Gossip Magazines, Dog-Eared Children’s Books and Two National Geographics

In the waiting room none of us are sick
we are without diagnosis
without prognosis
we live in the world of the well, the un-sick
until our name is called
and we shuffle into the examination room
listen to our test results
nod as if we understand
feel the heavy cloak of time
drape across our shoulders

we fondly remember five minutes earlier
being healthy enough to be disappointed
that there were only
gossip magazines, dog-eared children’s books and two National Geographic’s
healthy enough to be annoyed by the woman having a full-blown conversation
on speakerphone
so healthy as to wish for an off switch on that baby

we did not realise
until it was too late
that the waiting room
was paradise

Seagulls and Silence

I wipe sea spray from your fringe
you point to the horizon excitedly
there is…

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