An excerpt from Places of Memory and Throat – Two Poetry Hybrid-Texts By Jaclyn Piudik

IceFloe Press

An excerpt from

In place of memory {in lieu of memory

The places of memory {les lieux de memoire

Fragmentary doting — love
will disillusionwhat we are made of
rejoice in the allure of unease miscreation, rageful apothecaries
and seek the phantom gesturesnail clipping, euphoric extractions
translate collapse into folly


Otherwheresosmosis — Polaroids — the smell of douce France

I still try to sweep moonlight,
think in parables



It was a large kitchen, formica and vinyl, the height of style in 1975. That was
where I first became aware of it. Or perhaps in Woolworth’s? Gulps of Tab, no

straw, can the color of tonsils. The power in carbonation: how it eased the tight-

ness of everything caught there // voice, tears, rage, fear, secrets, “no” // trapped

where the towel was forced in, to smother what would not find its way out…

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