My National Poetry Month challenge to myself has become a collaboration between synaesthetic artist Sammy-John, myself, Anjum Wasim Dar and Jay Gandhi: Day Twenty-Three: A Grandma’s Garden I

Grandma's Garden I


Grandma’s Garden I

My Grandmas garden was in another land
It was a land of beauty called a heaven
I believe it did not really need one more
nature had completed it to the very core
Though grandpa also loved the plants
but he loved the green vegetables more
Grandma proudly planted flowers, said
she worked hard, and had more in store.
Roses she loved the best, apples grew on
shorter trees, but many fell as soon as ripe
many were lost in winter wind’s furore-
Grandpa smiled ‘not a word’ just a snore’
Grandmas garden was loved by all
she would bring in the flowers and place
them in vases and bowls, and they too
would nod and sway and swing in view
displaying colors yellow green n purple
tulips pansies and roses in plenty
sweet scented sweet peas and apple
blossoms shaded , holy grace, amply
But time brought a drastic change
the land  was taken over by force
Grandmas garden had to be sold
Grandma cried but tried to be bold
Farewell my flowers farewell, I will
remember you for ever, where ever
I may go or be, for you gave comfort
and made me and Grandpa, happy.
2019 © CER     Anjum Wasim Dar

Front Garden

Half way up the hill a right turn up a steep drive
to a semi detached house we called “Nanna’s and Grandad’s”.

It must have been one summer Mam, Step-Dad, Sister and I
sprawl on the front lawn despite being dressed in our Sunday Best,

our hands try to gently clamp the frisky yellow Labrador puppy
we call “Sheba” who wants to explore the new smells

Mam would have us dress not to show her up
out of respect to her mam and dad,

I am surprised she doesnt lay a teatowel on the ground for us
to perch on and prevent grass stains when we have this picture taken

with the latest Kodak instamatic. Later when they can no longer cope
the grass is replaced by layers of concrete slabs and easy cut shrubs.

2019 Paul Brookes


I copied in the Moral Science examination.

By Jay Gandhi

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