My National Poetry Month challenge to myself has become a collaboration between synaesthetic artist Sammy-John, myself, Anjum Wasim Dar and Jay Gandhi: Day Sixteen: An Unmusical


Mixed media on canvas


The day begins with loud ding-dong.
its milkman greeting with a song!
Bonjour, Good morning and a hi.
there goes a little bird fly, fly, fly!
my mom cleans the room — broom, broom, broom.
I ride my bike — zoom, zoom ,zoom, zoom!
at school I crunch and munch my lunch.
then play with colours with my bunch!
The evening brings the crows to nest.
they huff and puff before they rest!
At night, mom hums a lullaby.
Good-night my boy, Good-night my boy.

By Jay Gandhi

What melodious murmurs are heard all
over holt and heath, what rumbling grumbles
high up on the sky, what sonorous demons
in Dorian moods, play in depths underneath
O Eris’ Mother of Strife’, grown so tall in step
and sly intrusion,’ may you be graced for being
the patron Saint of Chaos and Aneristic Illusion
How unmusically you made the metallic strings
heavy, transformed white in patches dark,  joy to
‘the blues’ and poisoned all to a sleepy  stupor,
inciting a ‘ Battle of Magenta’  to‘Hail, Hail Horror’
But dissentive chaos cannot in dull hues remain
Sleeping Beauty will  wake up again,  the apple
of discord is stale , broken is Maleficent ‘s curse
the hiss and din of devils’pipes, will die out with pain.

2019© CER    Anjum Wasim Dar

I am the tuneless bucket

to myself without melody
beatbox doing the dishes,
make a joyful noise
of fretless bass and marimba.
It does not help my snoring.

By Paul Brookes

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