My National Poetry Month challenge to myself has become a collaboration between synaesthetic artist Sammy-John, myself, Anjum Wasim Dar and Jay Gandhi: Day Twelve: September in E Flat

September in E Flat

September in E Flat

September in E flat
My goldfish hums a solo in its bowl.
I can hear it because I live alone
and more so because I am lonely.
Septembers can be very tricky—
some rain, some sunshine,
chilled mornings:
I can accurately measure
the warmth of the city
and more so because I am lonely.
September in an E flat chord and
an E flat chord in September
evoke the exact same emotion.
I feel a longing for a partner
and more so because I am lonely.

By Jay Gandhi

A Heady Burnt

means autumn’s
soft E Flat footfalls can be heard.

Sun’s blaze warms my back
as I cut dry grass, autumn
breaks out a rumble overhead

By Paul Brookes

September in E Flat

During the senior school years, there were hardly any fears
the best I remember, song  ‘Come September’ in rhythm
and  dance,  I can still hear the silence of the summer, turn
to E Flat murmur in melancholy, half cool half  warmer

younger days when responsibility ensnares
but that September,   a war, felt in E Flat chord
the only outcome, smoke and oily smell of metal,
and falling leaves, an occasional falling petal-

when we could hear the drops of rain
light was the hurt  less was the pain
we could dance to the tune, but softly
now I hear the E  Flat octave tremble

what should I remember,
the melody or the number?
2019 © CER     Anjum Wasim Dar

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