Wombwell Rainbow Interviews Author Updates: Isabelle Kenyon and Planet In Peril

Wombwell Rainbow Interviews Author Updates

An occasional series focussing on an author’s progress. Any author already interviewed is welcome  to contact me about any developments in their career, new publications or events.

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Isabelle Kenyon

  1. Tell me about your latest project.

Planet in Peril is a national competition to get people writing in creating artwork on the theme of global warming and climate change. The competition offers cash prizes and publication in the future gorgeous hardback, glossy anthology: ‘ Planet in Peril’.  This anthology will combine the latest scientific research, as annotated by Dr Michelle Cain, Oxford University, with stunning photography and artwork and talented poets. This competition has a massive outreach program, getting schools and especially young people writing and engaged with global warming. The book will fundraise for my partners WWF and The Climate Coalition.

2. How do you believe anthologies will help charities?

The anthologies help my links charities in two ways. Firstly, the fundraising is an obvious bonus for them! Also, their profile is raised and connected to the arts. I believe that projects such as those of Fly on the Wall Press, increase positive activism through the arts.

3. Why a competition?

As other publishers realise, Charity anthology projects are almost impossible to offer free copies or payment to the artists and poets involved. In order to be able to reward my prize-winners with a prize fund in each category and free copies to everyone involved, the competition came about. It also means that under 18’s can enter the competition for free and that the outreach program can take place. I believe that where the arts meets education, such as in this project, great things can be achieved, and this is a massive part of what ‘ Planet in Peril’ represents.

4. How did this project come about?

I wanted to do something which type of the most important issue in society today, and to me this is clearly global warming.

5. Can writers contribute outside the competition?

It is just submission by the competition but there are a limited number of unwaged applications, which have been kindly sponsored.

6. Are any other writer involved in the project?

There will be a large number of poets and artists involved, however my featured artist is Helen Mort, the former Derbyshire Poet Laureate!

7. Why is it important to include schools and young people in this?

It is important that creative projects are accessible to young people for free and that schools are able to inspire them through both science and art. Sometimes in education the two are separated but this project will encourage schools and young people to look at both together.



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