My Vision Tweaked

Tweak Vision front


What is Tweak Vision?
Snatch visions from the starry dynamo of the cosmos. Words are supernatural. In times of gathering modern-angst confusion, words defy temporal gravity, rearrange space-time, choreograph new constellations. Word-play is all I have to take your heart away. Now tweak them this way and that, shake them out into new configurations to your device of choice.
This is Tweak Vision!

From the deepest inner psyche, to the farthest
Hubble-glimpsed proto-galaxy.



My Vision Tweaked

Subtitled “The Word-Play Solution To Modern-Angst Confusion”

as if it is one of the many self help books that will enable you to overcome “Modern-Angst Confusion”.
Fifty two poems beginning “maybe its time for the great forgetting”, and ending “just one more poem”.
Meditations on aging and memory.

The front cover image shows the outline of a bird on what could be a branch, or a vein. It is repeated at the bottom of a poem called LOVE TIMES INFINITY/ THE BIRTHDAY POEM whose phrase “I can never walk myself away
from your fingers stained with acrylics”

Andrew has been a music journalist for more than twenty years.

His poetry is a delve into “popular culture” exploring the depth to which it delves into us. Take a trip to the centre of the earth, visit Mars. Pop Culture blends easily with so called High. Lennon bumps into William Burroughs.

From “Living On The Edge Of Nowhere”
“you can reach up and catch poems between your teeth”
” every touch is a text-message with a love emoticon”

Andrew Darlington does a remarkable job of challenging your beliefs while being thoroughly entertaining. A remarkable sci-f/horror/fantasy short story writer engages with humorous, erotic, touching cosmic Rock n’ Roll sci-fi beat poetry highly rewarding, highly recommended.
As he says in YOU UPSET GRACE OF LIVING WHEN YOU LIE: LETTERS THE DEAD DISPATCH, prefaced by a quote from Tim Hardin (1940 -1980) ” the singing of the song sustained an echo of the life…

if we listen together,
the voices we hear
might help us revise
our futures

Buy the book and listen to your vision as it is tweaked.

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