“A New Feather” my eleventh ekphrastic response for National Poetry Month prompted by another painting showing the vitality of Marcel Herms.

12 the hunt for new feathers[24349]A New Feather

The writer searches for the perfect quill
to make him an author of genius,
his work lauded,
taught in schools
only possession
of this object
will make
the work great.

A boy with headdress and quiver
of feathered arrows wants
a magical feather to add
to a shaft
to make strangers
his friends and play
Cowboys and Indians
with him.

The carpenter wants a fine pillow
stuffed with the softest
gentlest down
to complete
his fabulous carved bed
made of the rarest wood.

The comedian wants the funniest
feather to tickle his audience
into laughter
that will last
long after
he dies.

The cat wants the meat under
the feather, warm
and tender,
in its jaws.

The dog wants his master
to have the bird
his master has killed
and he retrieves,
for his master to be happy
and give him treats,
maybe even a cooked morsel,
once the bird is plucked
and cooked.

The bird waits for his new feathers
after his moult
to flatter a female,
make him handsome,
nudge her with his display
so she will bear
his children.

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